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It is a loan taken using your house as collateral, although you still have another loan secured using the house. The second loan carries a higher interest rate.

Yes, you need to check out lenders who allow you to take a second mortgage. You will be required to have more than 20% equity in the house, for lenders to offer you a second mortgage.

You can get a mortgage even if you have another mortgage. Search for lenders ready to offer you a mortgage and explain your situation to them. They will assess your capability to repay and offer you a deal.

What We Do

Welcome to Spire Mortgage where you can get the financial assistance that you need to purchase a house that will be your new home.

As a full-service mortgage company that is devoted to serving potential homeowners in Arizona, our main goal is to make your journey to owning a home as smooth as possible. It does not matter whether you are buying a house, relocating, or refinancing – we have your back when it comes to materializing your homeownership dream while ensuring that you save as much money as you can while at it.

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What Products/Services Do We Provide?

We offer the following loan programs and services to aid in your homeownership goal:

1. Home Purchase Loans

With this type of loan, you can make your dream of owning a home more affordable since our loans utilize the updated mortgage rates which are considerably cheaper.

2. Refinancing Loan

If you feel like your current mortgage loan does not utilize interest rates that are as affordable as the ones that we are currently offering, you can opt to make your loan cheaper. We offer refinancing loans that are meant to make the process of owning a house as cheap as it can possibly be.

3. Fast Funding

We hate to keep our customers waiting because we value offering speedy services where applicable. For this reason, we make it possible for you to access your funding options in the least time possible so that you can cure that house fever.

4. Second Mortgages

We want you to be able to tap into your home equity, which is why we have an easy process so that you can plan your finances for the best results.

Types Of Home Loans

We believe that it’s important to know about the type of home loans that we offer at Spire Financial. That way, you can make the right decision:

1. Fixed-rate Loans – Make steady payments for a predetermined time period

2. FHA Loans – With this type of loan, you can throw in a 3.5% downpayment

3. Conventional Loans – In addition to having fewer restrictions compared to other loans, you also get to enjoy low down payments of up to 3%

4. Home Equity Loans – Flexible repayment options using the equity in your home to cover other financial means

5. Reverse Mortgages – Targets older adults of 62 years and above, and makes it possible to refinance with better repayment options

Why Choose Us?

We believe that there are a couple of reasons that make us one of the most preferable direct mortgage lenders in Arizona. Some of those reasons include:

  • We possess tools and resources that make it possible to speed up loan processing and other related functions
  • Our mortgage applications are not only fast but also convenient
  • We are a team of experts with enough experience in the mortgage industry
  • Our success stories in helping renters own homes have inspired the entire team to achieve even more
  • We are with you every step of the journey, from when you make your application to when you make your last loan repayment
  • We have a supportive team that will assist you as much as they can where possible. All you have to do is get in touch.


It is a loan taken, and your house acts as collateral, although the house has a primary loan. Generally, you’ll pay more interest on the second loan.

It will depend on the equity you have on the home. 75 to 100% of the equity in most cases.

Yes, you can deduct the mortgage interest provided it meets the requirements for deductible interest as per the tax laws.

It is referred to as a second mortgage, but it can be issued as a primary loan. If the home does not have any other mortgage, the lender who offers the HELOC can become a primary lienholder of the property.

Yes, you can refinance your second mortgage. Lenders check whether you have at least 20% in equity on the home before they can refinance it.

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