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Cash Out Refinance

When acquiring a cash out refinance, the process is consistent with a rate and term mortgage refinance. You simply replace your existing home loan with a new one for the same amount, but with the added benefits of lower interest rates or shorter loan length. Additionally, cash out refi allows you to withdraw money based on the value of your home’s equity. All refinancing options are available to homeowners through Spire Financial (A Division of V.I.P. Mortgage Inc.).

What Can You Do With Cash Out Refinance?

Let’s say that your current home is worth $400,000, and your current mortgage is for $200,000. In this example, your home has $200,000 in home equity. More importantly, refinancing your current mortgage opens up lower interest rates, and you can use that cash to remodel your garage, backyard, or kitchen. Spire Financial is a mortgage lender with qualifying requirements for refinance loans, and we work with you to explore all available options.

Getting Started On Your Refinance Loan

Our team will lay out the basic requirements you need to qualify. It’s best to have an idea of the amount of money you are seeking beforehand and to have all your information good to go. Don’t worry, though, we can help you every step of the way. A cash out refi gives homeowners a chance to lower their rates, inexpensive costs, and the ability to improve their credit score.

Who's Eligible for Refinance Mortgages?

In order to refinance mortgages, Spire Financial will assess multiple factors. This includes a credit score check, debt to income ratio, home equity, and future outlook. Refinance loans are typically based on the equity built in the home before you can access cash. Simply put, your home needs to be worth more than you owe on your mortgage. Refinance loans can open up investment opportunities to make your home mortgage work for you.

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