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VA Home Loans

At Spire Financial, our loan team can help you quickly qualify for a VA loan. The VA loan program was started by the GI Bill I 1944, with the goal of helping our brave veterans and active military own a home easier. These special purchase loans are  government backed and designed to give an extra boost to those who have faithfully served our country by making a home mortgage easier to get. We work with you to guarantee you get the best terms and rates when it comes to your VA loan.

How Do You Qualify for a VA Loan?

A VA home loan is generally available to any veteran or service member who has a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This eligibility is earned through your time in service to your country. The Veterans Administration can assist you in understanding how to qualify for a VA loan by explaining the terms of discharge and length of service requirements to get a COE. Once you’ve got that in hand, we can make sure you get the best home purchase loan possible

Do I Need Good Credit?

While your lender will set the exact terms, you generally do not need a great credit score to qualify — simply one your bank will work with. Generally, VA loans do not require as high a credit score as other types of purchase loans. However, if your credit is below 580, you may want to try to repair it before applying for a VA mortgage.

Our Loan Experts Will Walk You Through the Home Loan Process

Your VA loan will require an appraisal from the VA, and it differs slightly from typical home buying. The VA appraisal determines the fair market value of the home you wish to purchase, ensuring it’s a sound investment for your lender. On the plus side, a VA loans require no down payment, saving you cash upfront. Veterans have been busy serving our country, so that requirement is waived.

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