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Top 10 Post-Closing To-Dos

Store closing papers in a safe yet accessible place Safe deposit boxes, in-home safes and locking filing cabinets are only a few options for secure storage. Change the locks Your

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Seller Concessions or Price Reduction

With the real estate market shifting from being seller dominated to more buyer-friendly, price reductions and seller concessions are starting to make a comeback. As a buyer, which of the

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metroDPA Social Equity Program

metroDPA offers funds available for the purchase of a home if you are a resident or direct resident of someone who lived in a Denver redlined area between 1938-2000. If

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2/1 Rate Buydown

While you’ve probably heard of buydowns or temporary buydowns before, you may have questions on what these terms truly mean.A 2-1 buydown is a mortgage loan option in which the

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FHA loan

FHA Loans: The 100 Mile Rule

FHA loans are great for those with a lower down payment, less than perfect credit, a bankruptcy in the last 7 years, modest income, buying a 2–4-unit home, etc. However,

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