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metroDPA Social Equity Program


Katie LaCasse

metroDPA offers funds available for the purchase of a home if you are a resident or direct resident of someone who lived in a Denver redlined area between 1938-2000. If eligible, up to $25,000 can be used toward the purchase of a home in approved cities/counties throughout the front range. These funds are to help increase homeownership in areas of color that have been historically targeted by discriminatory lending practices like redlining, which happens when a banking institution or related provider denies loans or restricts services to certain areas of a community or neighborhood.

The metroDPA social equity program is based on no interest, forgivable second liens that don’t need to be paid back if the recipient occupies the residence for at least three years.

How do you know if you qualify?
Step One: Use the mapping tool link below to determine if the address where you or your direct descendants lived (must have been between 1938-2000) was in a redline area.


Step Two: If the address where you or your direct descendants lived during that time are in fact in a redline area, you then will need to submit an application directly to metroDPA. Use the link below to get started. If you are eligible for the program, they will email you an approval.

Get Started

Step Three: Upon receipt of approval, submit the document provided by metroDPA to your loan officer.


Borrowers make below $188,250

Minimum credit score of 640

< 80% of average median income

Borrowers may receive $25,000 and charter level mortgage insurance

Loan types include FHA, VA, USDA And Conventional; loan limits vary by county

How much does this help with my down payment?
For example, if you want to buy a $600,000 home with 3% down and are approved to use $25,000 assistance, this is what numbers would look like if using a Conventional loan program:

$600,000 purchase price

Required down payment is $18,000

Estimated closing costs are:

Points metroDPA charges (1.250) = $7275

Escrow set up = $2650

Processing and underwriting costs = $3480

Closing Cost Total: $13,443

Down payment: $18,000

CASH TO CLOSE: $31,443

However, with the social equity down payment assistance of $25,000 your new estimated cash to close is $6,443!

Factoring in the forgiveness of the assistance amount after three years makes this program a substantial contributing element in increasing home ownership in communities where housing discrimination previously occurred. This program also strengthens the commitment that race and ethnicity no longer predict housing and lending results.

Interested consumers must act diligently, as funds are limited each year.

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