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Calculating Mortgage Before Closing


The Spire

We like surprises, but not when they involve us having less money than we expected. When it comes to buying a home, surprises typically aren’t a welcome sight. Before purchasing a home, determine how much you will be paying for your mortgage ahead of time, so you are not hit with any unforeseen surprises.


There are several important pieces of information that one will need. In order to effectively calculate how much a mortgage payment will be, have the following numbers available: Home Value, Loan Value, Interest Rate, Length of Loan, Annual Taxes, Annual Insurance, and Annual PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). With these numbers handy, they can input onto an online mortgage calculator to find an estimate of what the price of a mortgage will be.


There are a number of other calculators available, including a purchase calculator, an amortization calculator, and a refinancing calculator. Using these different calculators helps understand the steps to take and the expectations to have according to certain needs and situations. Starting with the calculator as a foundation allows quick estimation of a monthly mortgage payment amount. 

A Lending Hand for Financing Home Mortgages

Spire Financial (A Division of V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.) brings lending expertise to you. All of our loan officers offer personalized communication for every client, guiding them through the process. We can show you ways to maximize your finances and unlock future opportunities. Spire Financial keeps you in control of refinancing, debt consolidation, and home equity. Together, we can achieve your financial goals.