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Downsizing? What To Expect When Moving To A Smaller Space


The Spire

Whether the kids have moved out or the extra bedrooms aren’t being used, having a house that feels ‘too big’ is rarely fun. It may make sense to downsize from a large house to a smaller space or condo.


Don’t forget that if you own the house you are living in now, this might mean having to list and sell it while buying a new home. This is a common situation and isn’t a significant problem, but it will require a bit of scheduling and financial planning.


Spend some time going through each room in your house, taking an inventory of what you have. Are there any family heirlooms or other emotional items that you can’t part ways with? After that, is there anything that will be usable in your new home? Everything else should be considered fair game. Sell it, donate it or toss it out.

Moving to a smaller home can seem challenging at first, but it is a lifestyle choice that can pay significant dividends. When you are buying a house, make sure you have your financing in place to make the move seamless and less stressful. At Spire, you can be assured that your mortgage financial solutions are taken care of. Contact our professional team, we will be happy to help you through this downsizing process. 

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