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How to Buy a For Sale by Owner Home


The Spire

Generally, the home buying process in Arizona is overwhelming, especially when dealing directly with the owner. Although FSBO properties pop up regularly in the real estate market, most buyers don’t start with the intention of buying a home for sale by the owner. On purchasing a for sale by the owner, here is the way to go. 


Step One: Get Approved for Your Loan

Before you buy any home, you first need to know the exact amount you will spend on purchasing the home. It will help you get an approval letter fast and start shopping for a home. 


Step Two: Look for a Buyer’s Agent

After being approved for your loan, it will be essential to consider working with a buyer’s agent, especially when you have a home in mind. The agent will make the whole paperwork easy and negotiate for you. 


Step Three: Take an In-depth Look at the Property

If you chose to work with a real estate agent, they could show you a home but if you don’t, contact the seller directly. Ask the seller any questions you have about the house. 


Step Four: Make Your Offer

If you like the home, then make your offer; give opinions on how the house proceeds to know whether you should bid under or above the asking price. 


Step Five: Close the Deal on the Home

After you’ve completed all necessary inspections and received your loan, now close the deal. The ownership of the home will be officially transferred to you. In a deal closing, you will have to pay closing costs and make a down payment.


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