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Real Estate Agent’s Secret Weapon 2022 | New Cash Buyer Program


The Spire

Colorado Real Estate Agents have a new way, in 2022, to turn buyers into cash offers. Today in Denver, less than a thousand homes are currently on the market. For a balanced market, we likely need about 10x that amount. Just an incredible shortage.

Cash offers right now are swooping in and snapping up all the best properties, leaving your traditional buyers in the dust. It seems about one in every four, or even one in every two offers. You’re competing against cash out there? So what do we do? How do we set your buyers up to have the best chance at getting the home they want? 

How can we make you shine to your buyers? Increasing your future referrals? Like the old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” 

The answer is cash buyers. Spire Financial’s Cash Buyer program is solving the problem that is out there. So don’t write 20 offers over three months, spending weekend after weekend with the same client. If you could write a cash offer for your client, do you think that would help them get under contract faster?

Other agents in your market are using this. Your competitors are offering this. Their buyers are bragging about the cash offer they put in. Simply put, if you don’t have a solution to the cash offer, you’re losing referrals and deals. 


Spire Key Approval

Spire Key Approval means that they have been through a full underwrite and we have a full loan commitment before we even have a property to buy. This allows us to help you write a contract with no loan termination deadline. You like that?

For our Cash Buyer program, we need a full appraisal gaap coverage. We’ll discuss that with you and with your client. We’ve made this work in various ways. Just ask. To have a contract with no loan termination deadline? Or appraisal deadline? That’s pretty powerful. To top it off we can offer cash and close in seven, eight, or however many days you need. 

To recap, fully approved buyer, appraisal gap coverage, cash offer, close as fast as you need. Here’s what one of our agents has to say about their cash buyer program success. 


Cash Offers

Yeah, it’s truly been a game changer. I would say the biggest thing is it’s really preventing burnout from my clients perspective. Because before, I think the average amount of contracts that we were writing last year before we started using prefund, was like seven or eight contracts. And so, that’s really hard on clients to go all in, guns blazing, highest and best. And because of Spire, we were presenting as cash. 

And so we were waiving loan term and, you know, a full appraisal bridge. But we were consistently losing to cash offers. And so I think we went from an average of eight offers to maybe two or three with pre-fund. And so it’s helping, as agents it’s helping us move a lot faster. But as, but with buyers too it’s helping them lock in that house that they fall in love with. And so they don’t have to, you know, love six or seven houses before they actually get one.

And, Ashley, what do you think it’s like from the listing agent side? Or what have you seen, right, as a buyer’s agent? You know, talking with the listing agents side about these programs? I feel like it’s giving us a lot more engaging conversations.

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